b. 1988, is a modern romantic painter based in Los Angeles. Her work is done mainly in oils and

charcoal on a very smooth off-white ground. This technique simulates watercolor, but creates a

greater depth of transparency and prismatic color.


The cyclical nature of life, specifically in the form of a journey, is Francesca Marina’s dominan

t theme. Purposeful movement can be found in almost all of her paintings, as the subjects travel

either towards or away from an often-unidentified point. The paintings convey the inequality of

power between the landscape and its inhabitants. The natural world is presented as an impassive

constant, a great entity unchanged by the passage of man. The juxtaposition of permanence and

itinerancy, solidity and frailty emphasize a continuous cycle in the human condition, the idea that

we are not so far from the humans of the past, and our lives are not as linear as modern attitudes

suggest. The vulnerability of the figure within its surroundings is not negative, but rather a

comforting reminder of the things that remain unchanged.


Francesca Marina’s strong interests of the 19th century military history are evident in her works.

The military theme lends itself to geographic change; a movement only capable by man on foot

or horseback. This made for long and arduous journey with imminent death during winter months.


This subject matter is significantly different from that of most modern painters, but offers a

refreshing contrast to hyper-modernity by reaffirming the presence of the past. The practice of

Francesca's work is representative painting that is neither minimalist nor surrealist, but modern




2011     BFA PAINTINGPRATT INSTITUTE // Summa Cum Laude // Full Circle Award 

2010    CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS COLLEGE OF ART // Semester Abroad // London UK






2015    THINK TANK// Los Angeles, CA 

2015    PHERE SPACE // Los Angeles, CA

2014     The Free School // Private Collection Los Angeles, CA

2014    BLACK // Private Collection, Los Angeles, CA

2013    ECHO PARK ART WALK // Los Angeles, CA

2012    GHOST ARMY GALLERY // Solo Show // Bangall, New York

2012    GHOST ARMY GALLERY // Summer Salvation // Group Show // Bangall, New York

2011    PRATT INSTITUTE // Summer Invitational Showcase // Brooklyn, New York

2011    Ubiquitous Magazine // Group Show // Brooklyn, New York

2011    PRATT HARLEM PROJECT // Group Show // New York, New York

2011    BATTLESHIPS, BOYS AND BAGGAGE // Group Show // Brooklyn, New York 

2011    DIAMETRIC // Group Show // New York, New York

2011    Ubiquitous Magazine // Group Show // Brooklyn, New York

2010    THE WASSAIC PROJECT // Summer Show // Wassaic, New York

2010     YOUTH AT WAR // Group Show // Stanfordville, NY

2009     GHOST ARMY GALLERY // Summer Salvation Group Show // Stanfordville, NY

2005     Olana Art Exhibition // Catskill, NY




2015      Porn, Poetry and a God Damn Pegasus, Illustrations

2012      Four Way Books, Tribeca New York NY, Cover



2017    Literally, Right Before Aaron, Feature

2015    Dream Girl, A Free People Short Film 

2015     I Blame Monty Hall, Short Film